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INSIDER Program General FAQs

What is the INSIDER Program?

At LMNT, we take our community as seriously as we do our salt. It's through the power of our community that we can redefine what healthy hydration looks, feels, and tastes like – guiding it unapologetically towards salt and away from sugar-bloated “s

How do I sign up to be an LMNT INSIDER?

You become an LMNT INSIDER automatically when you purchase an INSIDER Bundle. You don't need to sign up — we'll do all the heavy lifting!

How to change flavors in your INSIDER BUNDLE subscription

Step 1: Log into your account, and go to "Manage my subscriptions". Step 2: Click “Edit” next to the flavor list. Step 3: Use the flavor dropdown menus to select your preferred flavor(s) and quantity. Step 4: Click “Save”