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What is the INSIDER Program?Updated 2 months ago

At LMNT, we take our community as seriously as we do our salt. It's through the power of our community that we can redefine what healthy hydration looks, feels, and tastes like – guiding it unapologetically towards salt and away from sugar-bloated “sports drinks” that are anything but healthy.

The LMNT INSIDER program is our way of honoring and supporting our saltiest community members.

LMNT INSIDERS are the tip of the salty spear. They’ve gone above and beyond to support LMNT, walking the talk when it comes to advancing healthy hydration. We applaud and thank them for this commitment--and we want to reward them.

INSIDERS receive access to our limited time offers and flavor launches, unlock exclusive access to Give A Salt nominations, receive free salty merch as a surprise and delight, and receive our seasonal salty newsletters.

You become an LMNT INSIDER automatically when you purchase an INSIDER Bundle. You don't need to sign up — we'll do all the heavy lifting!

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