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Give A Salt FAQs

What is this "Give A Salt" tab on my account?

Good spotting! LMNT’s Give A Salt program allows you to nominate a  hero from your community, who promotes and protects the health of others, to receive the gift of LMNT hydration!. Give A Salt is available to our INSIDERS who have purchased 4+ INSID

How much does it cost to nominate someone via Give A Salt?

There’s no charge to you or the Nominee for a Give A Salt nomination. Submitting a nomination doesn’t cost a thing, nor will it begin an LMNT subscription.

Why wasn’t my Give A Salt nomination approved?

The Give A Salt program allows anyone in the United States to be nominated once. If they have been nominated by someone already, they will not receive another package. Who else can you think of to nominate? Let’s get them some salt!

Will the Give A Salt order reflect in my account?

A “Nomination” will show on the Nominator’s account under order history. The Nominee will only receive an email that includes your note of gratitude once the order has been processed, to notify them a salty package is coming their way.

How do I unlock access to Give A Salt?

You will unlock access to the salty perk of Give A Salt following your fourth INSIDER Bundle purchase.