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What is this "Give A Salt" tab on my account?Updated 2 months ago

Good spotting! LMNT’s Give A Salt program allows you to nominate a  hero from your community, who promotes and protects the health of others, to receive the gift of LMNT hydration! 

Give A Salt is available to our INSIDERS who have purchased 4+ INSIDER Bundles. So, if you’re just now seeing this tab in your account, it means you recently unlocked this new perk and can nominate someone you view as a hero. 

To submit a nomination, click on the Give A Salt tab and fill out the Nominator form. You can nominate anyone in your life that you would like to thank for their service–and we’ll send them some LMNT as a gift! Neither you, nor the nominee, will be charged for this gift. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us take a stand against sugar and stimulant-loaded drinks — turning the tide towards health. 

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