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Does LMNT use table salt in its formula?Updated 2 months ago

The quick answer: No, LMNT does not use table salt.

The longer answer: Table salt, Himalayan salt, sea salt, etc. aren’t exactly biochemical categorizations. While all of these sources provide salt (sodium chloride, NaCl), they each come with certain tradeoffs.

Table salt is heavily refined. Chemicals are used to make it white, and most table salt contains iodine, microplastics, and aluminum-based anti-caking agents.

Himalayan salt, or pink salt, isn’t refined and doesn’t usually contain anti-caking agents or microplastics. Great! But since it’s unrefined, Himalayan salt can contain heavy metals or harmful residues from the mining process.

LMNT's salt is evaporated from naturally-occurring aquifers in the United States, which limits the amount of contaminants and plastics that can come from blast mining or ocean sources.

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