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Allergens: What you need to knowUpdated 2 months ago

At LMNT, we care deeply about food safety, requiring global food safety standards with all our manufacturing partners and suppliers. We maintain stringent requirements for all testing and quality assurance processes. Here's what you need to know about allergens and LMNT in order to make a decision in the best interests of your health and/or the health of your loved ones.

  1. We carefully vet each of our suppliers and the ingredients we purchase from them to ensure our exceptionally rigorous quality and safety standards are met.

  2. Our current production facilities do manufacture other products that may contain allergens. 

  3. To avoid cross-contamination, equipment is sanitized between production runs.  If the product manufactured before LMNT contained any of the top 9 allergens, the facilities we use are required to perform allergen swabs before they can  begin LMNT production,to help rule out the risk of cross contact.

  4. The following 9 allergens may be tested:





Tree Nut

Wheat (including gluten)


Crustacean shellfish


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